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Buckeye Healthy Schools Alliance engages in the following activities:

  • Continuing education (including statewide conferences & regional workshops)
BHSA Sponsored Activities 
  • Advocacy for health policy, funding, & programs

  • Technical assistance to schools & community coalitions

  • Coordinated School Health resources & tools
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The Alliance is an opportunity for health, education, and business to work together to support schools in their efforts to reduce (and eliminate) health & education disparities.  

Supporting school health programs to improve the health of Ohio's young people has never been more important! We believe that Healthy Students are Better Learners! 

Membership meetings are held quarterly.  Dates for 2014 TBA.
All meetings will be held in Columbus, Ohio or via teleconference.  For more information, contact Heather Vilvens, BHSA Executive Director.

Buckeye Healthy Schools Alliance Team teamed up with the American Heart Association and Ohio SOPHE for healthy kids, healthy communities day at the state house on Nov. 13th.  Pictures coming soon!


BHSA Sponsored Activities 

Cincinnati Bengals and the Cleveland Browns encourage kids to EAT BREAKFAST and Snack Smart! American Dairy Association Mideast teamed up with our OH NFL teams to encourage kids to eat breakfast and snack smart after school.  Watch now and feel free to share with others!

Breakfast Smoothie (Joe Thomas Browns) - 

Thomas Tortilla (Browns) - 

Bengals Banana Breakfast - 

Michael’s  Magnificent Parfait (Bengals) - 

Advocacy Updates
Ohio Needs Health Education Standards!
Did you know that Ohio is one of only two states without state Health Education standards? House Bill 256 will address this need.

State education standards provide a definition of quality for local schools. By establishing a minimum level of health education, Ohio can be confident that all students are receiving basic health information, while still giving schools options for greater achievement.  Click here to see how you or your organization can support efforts toward the adoption of health education standards in Ohio.

Shared Use Agreements
Schools can offer a variety of safe, clean facilities, including running tracks, pools, gymnasiums, fitness rooms, and playgrounds. Unfortunately, districts often close their property to the public after school hours due to concerns around liability, security, maintenance, and other costs.

Schools can create access by opening existing facilities during non-school hours, integrating the opportunity for community use when planning new construction projects, or building collaborative relationships and entering into reciprocal agreements with local governments or community organizations.  Click here for ways to support House Bill 290! Update - HB 290 passed the house by a vote of 89-0.  It will now move to the Senate Civil Justice Committee this fall. Let's keep this issue on the forefront - click here to sign on as a supporter of shared use clarification of liability laws.

How can your school support healthy eating & physical activity. Find out more!
The Ohio Department of Education (ODE) offers a variety of bullying prevention resources for families, schools and communities. These resources include a model anti-bullying policy and related presentation materials, a webinar series and links to helpful websites. Districts can take advantage of these tools for help in meeting their legal requirement to establish a policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation and bullying. Click here to go to the ODE website to access these valuable resources.
Bullying Prevention Resources
NEW OHIO Eat Breakfast and Snack Smart videos

Professional Development Opportunities
Upcoming Webinars on Shared Use – Save the Dates!
Wednesday. August 13, 2014, 12:30-1:30pm- Shared Use in Schools
Thursday. September 18, 12-1pm – Advocating for Shared Use
Wednesday, October 8, 2014, 12:30-1:30pm- Shared Use in Hospitals/Community Benefit Opportunities
November, 2014 – Economic Benefits of Shared Use
​Registration info will be coming soon!

If you missed the May 15th "Safe Routes to School: Policy, Funding & Resources for Ohio Communities" Workshop - here are the handouts and powerpoint presentation available in PDF format on the Ohio Safe Routes Network website, at

The two videos shown that are not listed on the Resources handout are located here:
•The New Jersey Safe Routes to School Video: "Things Parents Say..." - 
• "Texting While Walking" -